The Grand Prismatic Spring

Yellowstone-Grand Prisamatic Spring-National Parks

When I finally got the chance to travel to Yellowstone National Park, the Grand Prismatic Spring was the only attraction that I wanted to see. I had seen so many beautiful pictures of it and I was really looking forward to seeing it in person. But as I stood there on the viewing walk board, I was so disappointed. I didn’t see any colors.. just a lot of vapors emanating from the surface of the spring.

I realized I needed to get to higher ground if I wanted to see this spring in all its glory. I found a hill along the neighboring trail.

It was a steep climb. My heavy backpack didn’t make things any easier either. But when I got to the top of the hill and when I finally saw the majestic beauty of this spring, it was all worth it!

The Street-side Book Shop


India has a large market for pirated books. Most people would frown upon this kind of copyright infringement but these street-side book vendors provide a niche market for avid readers who may not be able to afford the high retail prices of the originals. This is not to suggest that selling pirated copies of books is right but they do, however, make popular books affordable to the masses. Books are, after all, food for the mind.

Happiness In A Teacup


On a recent trip to Wayanad, Kerala (India), I had the pleasure of waking up early one morning to site of the morning mist rolling over the vast tea plantations that have been prevalent in this area since the rule of the British raj. With the warmth from the tea in my hand and the slight chill of the winter morning mist around me, I felt bliss. Life seems so simple sometimes. It’s always the little things that take you by surprise.

A Giant’s Mock Charge


Elephants are affectionately referred to as gentle giants. But like all animals (including humans), they will get aggressive when they feel threatened. But studies have shown that in most cases, this aggressiveness is only used to intimidate any predators from approaching nearer and very rarely do elephants get into an aggressive charge recklessly. Elephants employ what is known as a mock charge. When employing this technique the elephant’s ears are fanned out and the trunk is usually lowered as opposed to an actual charge (with the intention to strike) where an elephant’s ears are pinned to the back and the trunk is raised.

Elephants are supremely intelligent species and for anyone who is interested to learn more about them, I would suggest you pick up a copy of the book ‘The Elephant Whisperer’ by Lawrence Anthony. Just read the late author’s biography on Wikipedia ( and you’ll find a little line that speaks about the character of these beautiful animals.

A Dose of Disorientation

Old Barn-Washington-Rustic-Architecture

One of the more unique barns that I have come across in the Palouse area. This little barn stands tilted to one side. Standing in front of it and looking at it gives a person a sense of disorientation. It’s amazing that this little structure has endured so many cruel winters where the shear weight of the snow can bring the roofs down.