The Ancient Spice Route


Located 18km north of the city of Calicut in Kerala (India) is the beach of Kappad. Known locally as Kappakadavu, this beach is famous for its significant role in Indian history. The Portuguese explorer, Vasco Da Gama, landed on this beach on 20 May 1498. He soon discovered that this region was rich in various spices. Black pepper – also referred to as Black Gold at the time – was one of them. He soon established a route for the spice trade between Europe and Southern India. Soon, many countries followed this route and started to establish colonies over time to enhance their profit in the spice trade. Little did the Indian people realize then that the seeds of oppression were starting to sprout.


One thought on “The Ancient Spice Route

  1. The lighting in this picture is lovely. It’s a fantastic picture.
    But I have to give it to the great piece of writing that comes with it. Very informative.


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